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Who else would you look forward to being having a mindful unusual conversation, who else than me welcomes you to vouch any question, sentence path of wisdom to entertain the randomness of all.

Its I Zoey Nikki , my joy being to uncover the particular sad realities of this wonderful life, to let us see that in effect my attitude tops all my eyes and my ears hear, my heart speaks the truth that i am who i am, guess we shall all find out.




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Everything you need to know about your vagina.

A vagina is like a snowflake – unique and beautiful.


Individual differences aside each lady flower still has plenty in common with her fellow punanis.

  • The vagina is just one part of the apple pie- refers to the area between the vulva and cervix, as in the inside. What we see after your girlfriend opens her pretty legs are the external parts ie clitoris inner and outer labia IE the lips and the perineum the space between the pussy and the ass.
  • The clitoris and the penis are one and the same, they both have the same bundle of tissue with 8000 nerves.
  • The G-spot does exist its on the front side of the vagina , up toward your clit.
  • A-spot female equivalent of the male prostrate.
  • Its one powerful lady part IE the muscles can be strengthened to contract more strongly – helps improve a woman’s physical health and improve the strength of her orgasms.
  • The clit does only one thing – it is the only human body part with the soul purpose of sexual pleasure.Just how women like it – a place for everything , and everything in its place.
  • The vagina can fall out – its not the whole part and in rare cases one can have a vagina prolapsed.But with good diet, fitness and kegel exercise that can be prevented or with the help of a surgery.
  • Multiple means a lot, the Big O frequents women more than men, and when I say multiple I say over and over again.In masturbate- a- thon, Deanna Webb nubbed out 226 orgasms, the male title came (pun intended) with just 31.
  • Size doesn’t matter – the average vagina is 3-4 inches and can expand by up to 200% creating lots of space to go deep.
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Any man or woman who is lucky enough to be allowed to really view the magnificent structure should feel blessed to gaze upon such a wonderful work of art.

Not one is the same and all girls / women should be proud of this powerful part they carry.Its like walking through a botanical garden even though its from the same family/ species each one is unique and its own way offers something different to every viewer.


Clit is a female sexual organ in women, the visible button near the front junction and not used for urination. Its the human females most sensitive erogenous zone, primary source of female sexual pleasure.

The clitoris is a complex structure and its size and sensitivity can vary.The glans ( the head) of the human clit is roughly the size and shape of a pointed triangle.

The shape/size of a clit is big or small doesn’t differentiate the ability to have orgasms or their intensity they, both have the same number of sensory nerves and how they work is complicated to the individual pussy.

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  • Its exquisitely sensitive – 8,000 sensory nerve endings – and its powerful sensations can spread across a womans pelvic area by affecting 15,000 other nerve endings.
  • Its big – only ¼ of the clit is visible – the ¾ is inside the body and is made up of many different parts ie the clitorial head, the clit shaft,urethral sponge erectile tissue, glands vestibular and the cruva (clitorial legs) only the clit head is outside.
  • It’s the female dick – made of the same tissues, swells when aroused the difference is the orgasms it offers are different and it doesn’t ejaculate.
  • It grows – growth as a result of the hormonal changes ie puberty when it starts increasing in size, by the time puberty ends its about 18 times larger.When a woman is 32 years old the clit is almost 4 times as big as it was on the onset of puberty.After menopause it will be 7 times larger than it was at birth – it’s a small not so very noticeable change they say older women report hot sex.
  • Every female has a clit, except for shemales.
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  • Clitoris can be an orgasm deal breaker – vaginal orgasms are tricky to achieve and most women require clitoral stimulation.
  • They ‘re all different – small,big,hidden,protruding, increases in size when aroused , others hide under the hood. Some require lots of pressure, gentle. Natalie Angier ‘the clitoris not only applauds when a woman flaunts her mastery; it will give a standing ovation.
  • The clitoris never ages: once it matures it maintains its sexual peak for the rest of a woman’s life. It’s NEVER too late to start getting acquainted with your clit.
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Learning the right clitorial stimulation techniques is incredibly important to have powerful body shaking orgasms.




Anal sex or anal intercourse is the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into a person’s ass for sexual pleasure.

Other forms of anal intercourse include fingering,pegging,use of sex toys for anal penetration i.e. butt plug.


You don’t make love to an ass you fuck it.


Ass sex it’s the mental/energetic thrill and general lamelessness of it.

Big agreement that it is compliance not comfort that is involved with getting a woman’s ass.

The best position is spooning. Women feel vulnerable taken from doggie; the spoon makes them feel safe and protected.

Ass fucking is a form of fucking not making love.

It’s a power move simply, not a romantic beach picnic.

A huge part of the huge assgasms for women has nothing to do with her physiology it’s her primary physiology, she is relenting to a force superior to herself.



Ass fucking code: If you can’t take your own dick up your ass you have no business putting it in anyone else’s, take it up the ass see how it feels you fucking pussy!

  • You have to believe in yourself, you can take a huge dick up your ass.
  • Fuck the ass, ride that cock up and down like a possessed woman and forget love just fuck it.

Ass fucking sex is for connoisseurs.

Ass fucking is the truth.

Ass fucking is trust.

  • A cunt or prick can lie but an anus cannot.You can groan, shout and arch your back to a fake orgasm but you can’t tell your anus to respond.
  • A cunt can take a prick in fear but an ass can only take a prick it trust without the (fear) risking permanent damage.DSC00540



1.For heterosexual male ’It will make me gay’>FALSE,No action, thought, speech or image can ‘make’ you gay. Homosexuality is a personal orientation and sexual preference and no matter what you use and where you use it, it can’t change your love for women.In fact, anal sex toys for men have never been more popular on the adult market than they are now- and a LOT of heterosexual men are buying them. Just like having anal sex with a female partner doesn’t make either of you gay, playing with anal toys either handheld or in a harness in your partner doesn’t change your preference or who you are with.

2.’It will always hurt’ FALSE ,Just as vaginal sex can be painful and uncomfortable for both partners if not turned on,good anal sex comes from those who do their homework.The butt doesn’t make its own lubrication like the vagina.A good lubricate is 100% NECESSARY EVERY TIME.Both the inside and outside of the ass should be lubricated as well as the surface length of the toy,finger or penis to be inserted.Water based lubes are the best, while oil based ones when used with condoms clog the pores on the delicate skin of the anus and are hard to wash off.

3’If it hurts I should just use numbing cream ”FALSE, Numbing cream or desensitizing creams like anal ease are VERY DANGEROUS. The cream themselves wont probably hurt the surface of the skin, but they are dangerous because you won’t be able to tell what’s going on.You need to know how your body is reacting, and if you need more lubrication.



1.Clean up- before trying anal sex rinses the outside of the anus with a mild soap,use warm not hot enema with a proper enema kit.(Enema>is the injection of liquid through the anus to motivate evacuation).

2.Get a towel or two and lay it under where you’ll be lying to prevent getting lubricant on.Put some baby wipes and trash bag for clean up immediately.

  1. Finger cots, condoms for going over body parts or sex toysand latex gloves are great to have handy.If you’re going to using the fingers,clip all the fingernails VERY SHORT AND FILE the edges to ensure they’re smooth with no ragged edges.

4.Lubricant is SUPER IMPORTANT each and every time. To make things easy,pick a brand with a pump top you can operate with the side of the wrist for when your hands are gloved. Maximus is an excellent water based lubricant with a pump.

4.GO SLOW you and your partner should be both relaxed and VERY turned on. Start with lots of foreplay, rimming and fingering the ass as you warm up the lube while applying it.

5.ANY toy that is going into the ass needs to have a flared base to avoid it being swallowed or ‘vanishing’ into the butt and needing the doctor’s assistance to retrieve it.

  1. Females do not have a PROSTRATE only MEN do. Many women however enjoy anal stimulation.


There are a number of health risks with anal sex and anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity for the following reasons.

1.    The anus lacks the natural lubrication the vagina has; penetration can tear the insides of the anus allowing bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream.Studies have suggested that anal exposure poses 30 times more risk to the receptive partner than vaginal exposure.

2.    The tissue inside the anus is not as well protected as the skin outside the anus having it vulnerable to tearing and spread infection.

3.    The anus was designed to hold in feces. The anus is surrounded with a ring like muscle called the anal sphincter which tightens after which we defecate. Repetitive anal sex may lead to the weakeing of anal sphincter making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet. However, kegel exercise to strengthen the sphincter may help prevent this problem or correct it.

4.    The anus is full of bacteria_ even of both partners do not have sexually transmitted diseases; bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner. Practicing vaginal sex after anal sex can lead to vaginal and urinary tract infection.asss



Within my body are all sacred places of the world , and the most profound pilgrimage I can never make is within my own body.


I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself.

Oprah winfrey

Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one’

Astrid alauda

Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly.

Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies

Frank Gillethe Burges


You can free yourself from aging by interpreting our body and grasping the link between belief and biology.

Deepak Chopra

The body never lies.

Martha Graham

Your body is an absolute mirror of your mind.As you worry, your body shows it.As you love , your body shows it.As you are overwhelmed, your body shows it. As you are angry , your body shows it.Every cell of your body is being allowed or resisted by the way you feel.My physical state is a direct reflection of how I feel instead of ‘ How I feel is a direct reflection of my physical state.

Abraham Esther Hikes

You are liquid love in physical love, wanting, more than life, itself to adore the vessel that’s through you which this source energy flows.Your God, Your source, Your creator.

Abraham Esther Hikes

Nothing in all of the universe is more delicious than to be in this physical body allowing the fullness that is you to be present in the moment.

Abraham Esther Hikes

There is more wisdom in my body than in my deepest philosophies.

Friedriet Nietzchelac


The minds first step to self awareness must be through the body.

George Sheehan

Spiritual healing is KNOWING that the body is perfect.Mental healing is effecting a perfect body by visualizing the body as perfect.

Lester Levenson

You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.And you are beautiful.

Amy Bloom


There is nothing more rarae, more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself: comfortable in her perfect imperfection.To me , that is the true essence of beauty.

Steve maraboli

The human body is the best work of art.

Jess C scott

A fit healthy body- that is the best fashion statement.

Jess C scott

To lose confidence in ones body is to lose confidence in oneself.

Simone de Beauvoir

I believe that God has given us human bodies so that we can learn.


I love being nude.I love praising my flawed, imperfectly beautiful body.You just have to see a baby naked to see how happy they are to be kicking around freely to recognize the power of nudity.

Most of us don’t mind staying nude after a shower , for sometime while applying lotion or dressing , but few appreciate their naked body in its glory.Few stand and breathe in their bodies , as their prized gifts , the one thing that we can truly claim to be our own.

Freedom isn’t given its taken.Its after a long day and am sweating, my thong between ass cheeks, uncomfy yet my clit relents being not so rudely clung to a piece of clothing. My boobs pressed by my cup bra and itching to be free to breathe or at least being so close together and my feet cant wait to feel a smooth surface that is unrelentimg to walking or a few feet above the surface.

I enter and close the door behind me, kick of the heels and undress one by one all on the sofa and start stretching my arms, massaging my aching boobs so happy to be erect nipples, and spank my butts and start dancing to sura yangu. Nothing beats seducing myself to the mirror , naked, happy to drop down and free , who knew I wanted this for so long?




1.Your brain will release thoughts ,

One thousand per wink of the eye

So you have no thinking power

You only have a PURSUING power

Its up to you the thoughts you will pursue

-Yogi Bhajan

Loving your naked body is pursuing the thoughts of beauty, a wonderful creation. How your body was created is a thing of accepting how you think of your body is a thing of pursuing beauty, and confidence in who you are at all times.

Am simply talking of getting rid of guilt, shame ,pride, boasting and taking in a painful truth of knowing that how beautiful you are is how beautiful you are, no levels, no status , just you and your beautiful thoughts about your body.

  1. Communication is a gift   to know, to understand and a gift to realize .Let your words be straight simple and said with a smile.

-Yogi Bhajan

The surest way to tell yourself the truth of your naked body is to stand infront of a mirror that reflects your full naked body .Being shocked or a bit taken back by the rudeness of it all is part of the process ,breath in and out slowly, and simply smile. Start by staring simply at the depth of your soul , how beautiful you are, and tell speak to your body.

Remember you are what you believe in, and better yet you get to be what you profess .Speak the truth to your body ,praise your boobs their tenderness, how happy you are to have them, speak to your cock how glad you are to have it. However you speak of remember to laugh, because humor is a tool of releasing the truth, and in order for something to be funny, it also has to be some kind of essential truth, usually a painful one.

  1. Listen , listen to the words you tell yourself of your body, listen and record for you need to always know you are beautiful. When someone saw your butt they commented, still you remember to date how that made you feel. Despite how you felt, at the moment you listened to how someone sees your naked body, now listen to how you see your naked body, they said small cock who says size is perceived by measurement, and better yet what if it is so, you care about how it is and you love it , you believe to your truth.




  1. ‘ The human body is the best work of art”

Jesse C Scoth

Seeing is believing. The sight to your naked body is one of acceptance or denial. Know your are beautiful,everyone says you look good , but the mirror is it really telling you the truth?Look at how these stretch marks like a roadmap drawn by a trickster, and these cellulite like blocks of butter stitched to be baked, and my teeth did someone close their eyes and rearrange missing pieces. The path of acceptance is a difficult path of letting go as a choice , to either love yourself as you are or do something to look better ie exercise and a change of wardrobe.



loving my naked body



You won’t stop me?’ she said, her voice sounding oddly husky.

‘I will keep my hands exactly where they are,’ he promised.

‘You don’t look like you need any aphrodisiac lotion,’ she told him. ‘But you did say that it tasted good, didn’t you?’

Zoey’s heart started thudding madly in her chest as she knelt up beside him, then tipped the bottle gently sideward’s, letting the creamy lotion drip onto him.

He gasped.

‘Cold?’ she asked cheekily.

‘Something like that.’

‘I think that’s enough,’ she said.

‘I agree,’ he muttered under his breath.

‘Now, now—you’re not to complain, but to enjoy,’ she chided as she put the bottle down on the bedside table. ‘This was your idea, remember?’

‘Maybe I made a mistake.’

‘Not by the look of you.’

He groaned when she bent and licked him with her tongue-tip.

They were right, Zoey thought, somewhat dazedly. It did taste good—somewhere between olives and apples.

Definitely an aphrodisiac as well: it made her want to make love to him with her mouth. All the way.

A wave of heat flushed her skin as she bent her head to him again. First she swirled her tongue around, several times, then she began to slowly take him into her mouth, holding him firmly at the same time with her lotion-slicked hand.

He groaned, and twisted his hips from side to side. But he didn’t try to stop her.

Zoey set up a relentless rhythm with her mouth, shocking herself by how much she enjoyed hearing the tortured sounds he began making.

It wasn’t till he called out her name that she gave him some respite.

‘Is there something wrong, lover?’ she asked, as she sat up and pushed her hair back from her flushed face.

‘You’re treading a fine line there,’ he warned her, his breathing ragged. ‘I suggest you move on.’

Zoey’s eyebrows lifted, his last words bringing a sudden stab of resentment.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do ever since you left me, George. Move on. Yet here I am, in bed with you again. And it’s all such an appalling waste of time.

Zoey’s thoughts infuriated her—mostly because she knew she was incapable of walking away right now. She was way too excited.

But perhaps he was right: she wanted him inside her again.

At the same time, she liked the tension she saw in his face. It pleased her to know she could make him suffer, even if it was only physically. She vowed to take her time with him, to make him wait.

‘Have to go to the bathroom, lover,’ she said. ‘Won’t be too long. Just lie back and relax.’


George grimaced when she climbed off the bed and padded her way across the gold carpet.

How could he possibly relax?

He tried some deep, even breathing, his eyes clinging to the bathroom door, willing it to open, Desperate for  her to come back. But when the door finally opened, and she re-entered the bedroom, she Didn’t rejoin him on the bed. Instead, she slipped into her high heels and went back into the bathroom.

A minute later she was back, a glass of champagne in her hand, her walk slow and sexy as she undulated towards the bed. As his gaze raked over her George’s desire to touch was so acute that his hands instinctively began to move.

‘Hands behind your head,’ she snapped.

Her imperious attitude stunned him, as did the way it turned him on. But even as the blood roared around his veins he longed for that moment when he could take control again—when he could once again show her who the master here was.

‘I’m beginning to see that there is more pleasure in taking than receiving,’ she purred, a truly wicked smile pulling at her lips.

Any secret hope on George’s part that she might have come here tonight for reasons other than sex evaporated in the face of that smile.

He swore quietly when she climbed up onto the bed and straddled him, her high heels still on, the glass of champagne still in her hands. As he stared up at her his level of arousal shot past pleasure, entering the world of near pain.

‘Just you wait,’ he warned her darkly.

‘Now, now. Just be a good boy and keep those hands of yours right where they are.’

His pulse-rate went wild as she remained kneeling above him, holding his stricken gaze as she repeatedly put her finger into the champagne and then into his mouth.

Finally she put the glass down, took him into her hands and pushed him up inside her, not letting him go till he’d been totally enveloped by her body.

George moaned at the heat and the moistness of her.

He did not expect her to lean down and kiss him at that stage. That was not what she was here for. But was it the tenderness of her kiss which changed his mind on that score? Or the way she murmured his name against his lips? Whatever—his heart seemed to flower open in his chest, bursting

with feelings he’d been trying to suppress.

When he moaned under her mouth, she abruptly terminated the kiss.

‘I suppose this is what you want?’ she said sharply, and she straightened, her eyes turning wild as she began to move.

He wanted to tell her that, no, it was not what he wanted. But his tortured body had a mind of its own. He struggled to stop himself from coming, not wanting her to see him lose control.

‘Total surrender, George,’ she grated out as she slowed to a more sensual pace. ‘That’s the name of this game. I know. Because I’ve been there…done that. You took me there. You don’t want to give in…you’re afraid that somehow you’ll never be the same. And you could be right. I’ve never been the same. You ruined me for any other man.’

He heard her words, and understood what she was saying. But if he’d ruined her for any other man then she’d ruined him. She’d always been there in the back of his mind. Always.

Maybe they didn’t love each other any more, but they could—if they gave themselves a chance.

What he had to do was tell her the total truth. How he’d never forgotten her either. How he hadn’t run into her by chance. He’d deliberately sought her out.

But no words came from his mouth at that moment. Only raw, naked sounds of desire.

He lasted till she climaxed. After that there was no contest, his back arching from the bed as their bodies shuddered as one.