Nail polish addict ❤


We’re all guilty of having an addiction to one product in particular, be it lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters but mine is nail polishes, I can’t help it I look at all the amazing displays in store and that’s it, I need them all 😍

I found this quiz on another blog and decided it was perfect for mine.

How many nail polishes do you own??

Roughly 130 colours, well until I go into town later 😉 and about 10 base/top coats.

When did your addiction start??

Just before Christmas it really hit, I had around 60 but most were getting all gloopy so I started to replace my favourite ones then I saw more colours i needed and the rest is history 😉

How much do you spend on nail polish ??
Too much lol, I love a bargain so if somethings on offer I’ll pick it up, I’ve probably spent…

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