Contemplation, in the midst of bustle

Rohini Gupta's Blog

It’s about 9 am in the small town of Karwar, Karnataka, which is mostly one long street and a few side alleys.

I was watching this woman as we filled petrol in the car. That itself is amazing. The petrol station is two roofless pumps by the side of the road, having taken a bite out of the pavement to accommodate itself. It can hold one car at a time and there is a long queue in one lane of traffic. Right ahead is the  motorcycle taxi stand – yes, motorcycle or scooter. You perch at the back, close your eyes and pray as the driver weaves a dazzling web through traffic and takes you to your destination, one person at a time.

Back to the woman. Her work is done. The garlands have to be ready for the temples which open early. The temples have opened, baskets have been…

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