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Everything you need to know about your vagina.

A vagina is like a snowflake – unique and beautiful.


Individual differences aside each lady flower still has plenty in common with her fellow punanis.

  • The vagina is just one part of the apple pie- refers to the area between the vulva and cervix, as in the inside. What we see after your girlfriend opens her pretty legs are the external parts ie clitoris inner and outer labia IE the lips and the perineum the space between the pussy and the ass.
  • The clitoris and the penis are one and the same, they both have the same bundle of tissue with 8000 nerves.
  • The G-spot does exist its on the front side of the vagina , up toward your clit.
  • A-spot female equivalent of the male prostrate.
  • Its one powerful lady part IE the muscles can be strengthened to contract more strongly – helps improve a woman’s physical health and improve the strength of her orgasms.
  • The clit does only one thing – it is the only human body part with the soul purpose of sexual pleasure.Just how women like it – a place for everything , and everything in its place.
  • The vagina can fall out – its not the whole part and in rare cases one can have a vagina prolapsed.But with good diet, fitness and kegel exercise that can be prevented or with the help of a surgery.
  • Multiple means a lot, the Big O frequents women more than men, and when I say multiple I say over and over again.In masturbate- a- thon, Deanna Webb nubbed out 226 orgasms, the male title came (pun intended) with just 31.
  • Size doesn’t matter – the average vagina is 3-4 inches and can expand by up to 200% creating lots of space to go deep.
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Any man or woman who is lucky enough to be allowed to really view the magnificent structure should feel blessed to gaze upon such a wonderful work of art.

Not one is the same and all girls / women should be proud of this powerful part they carry.Its like walking through a botanical garden even though its from the same family/ species each one is unique and its own way offers something different to every viewer.


Clit is a female sexual organ in women, the visible button near the front junction and not used for urination. Its the human females most sensitive erogenous zone, primary source of female sexual pleasure.

The clitoris is a complex structure and its size and sensitivity can vary.The glans ( the head) of the human clit is roughly the size and shape of a pointed triangle.

The shape/size of a clit is big or small doesn’t differentiate the ability to have orgasms or their intensity they, both have the same number of sensory nerves and how they work is complicated to the individual pussy.

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  • Its exquisitely sensitive – 8,000 sensory nerve endings – and its powerful sensations can spread across a womans pelvic area by affecting 15,000 other nerve endings.
  • Its big – only ¼ of the clit is visible – the ¾ is inside the body and is made up of many different parts ie the clitorial head, the clit shaft,urethral sponge erectile tissue, glands vestibular and the cruva (clitorial legs) only the clit head is outside.
  • It’s the female dick – made of the same tissues, swells when aroused the difference is the orgasms it offers are different and it doesn’t ejaculate.
  • It grows – growth as a result of the hormonal changes ie puberty when it starts increasing in size, by the time puberty ends its about 18 times larger.When a woman is 32 years old the clit is almost 4 times as big as it was on the onset of puberty.After menopause it will be 7 times larger than it was at birth – it’s a small not so very noticeable change they say older women report hot sex.
  • Every female has a clit, except for shemales.
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  • Clitoris can be an orgasm deal breaker – vaginal orgasms are tricky to achieve and most women require clitoral stimulation.
  • They ‘re all different – small,big,hidden,protruding, increases in size when aroused , others hide under the hood. Some require lots of pressure, gentle. Natalie Angier ‘the clitoris not only applauds when a woman flaunts her mastery; it will give a standing ovation.
  • The clitoris never ages: once it matures it maintains its sexual peak for the rest of a woman’s life. It’s NEVER too late to start getting acquainted with your clit.
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Learning the right clitorial stimulation techniques is incredibly important to have powerful body shaking orgasms.





The best way to learn how to give a fantastic blowjob is to listen to a man.

Fellatio colloquially blowjob BJ, giving head, sucking off is an oral sex act involving the use of the mouth or throat performed by a person on the penis of another person or on oneself. Oral stimulation of the scrotum may also be termed fellatio or tea bagging.

A man has a penis and know what it feels good for the man.

How to give an Amazing BJ

1.You must communicate – whenever you’re going down on a man, ask him what feels good. Every man feels good, every man is different and we all like different things. Ask him ,” am I sucking hard enough ?,”Do u want me to use my hands? Do I keep licking ?

By asking these questions, you open the lines of communication and a man will relax. You rid your man of the worries like am I going to be able to cum. By asking these questions you are telling him you are game for giving him a blowjob. You enjoy it , you want to please him in the best way possible.

The rule for blowjob ‘dirty talk’ – pick a moment especially when he’s peaking .Whatever you say i.e. “cum baby cum”, say it with complete belief. Never forget how you say it is more important than what you say. Sometimes silence is the best dirty talk you can do.

2.Dont be afraid to use your hands- licking and sucking a guy isn’t enough to make him cum. Men are used to masturbating by stroking his penis as hard and fast as he can till he climaxes.blo1

His body is used to cumming that way and not used to being licked. Sometimes to get a guy to orgasm you need to give him a combination of hand and mouth. Alternate between your hand and mouth, and those sensations together will be enough to drive him crazy.

  1. Give his balls some love – kiss his balls, suck his balls, but be VERY gentle. Gentle and careful, remember they’re testicles not puff balls.

If you suck wrong (especially too hard) you’ll make both his cock and balls ache.

4.The perineum – the strip between a man’s butt and his balls, also the taint .Massage it while sucking him, he’ll go nuts coz he gets the feelings going to cum even harder.

  1. Don’t forget foreplay- Turn him on, tease him, kiss his lips, neck, ear, suck his nipple, tease his navel, kiss his thighs. Let him feel the anticipation of your lips on his erect cock.
  2. Alternate- it’s a favorite when alternating between having sex and getting a blowjob, it’s the most amazing thing because it gives him both sensations and the orgasm a lot more.
  3. Please swallow- it’s fun and leads to much bigger orgasms-its total ecstasy.
  4. Beware of the teeth- the skin on the penis is sensitive, so you have to learn how to cover your teeth.

Open your damn mouth wide enough to keep your teeth out of the equation. We know it’s not comfortable, bit you’ll get used to it.


Simple blowjob facts

A warm mouth is one with the warm temperature of a pussy , avoid the cock from feeling cold, or its going to loose its erection.

Lubrication is important, most men prefer wet not sloppy and unless requested by the man stick to having your mouth wet .

Be aware of the difference between a blowjob and giving head. Blowjob means you suck, lick and make sure I cum, giving head means making the cock hard.

The best communication you can get is from the cock, if you’re not doing it right it loses the erection, if you’re doing it right it becomes bigger.

Catching your breathe is important but remember to keep kissing, licking and spitting his cock while you get a little air in you.

Let his hands do whatever they want i.e. play with your hair, rub your breast, go anywhere do anywhere ( its helpful to men with secret fetishes.

Breathe through your nose! A lot of the issues people face when giving a blowjob is trying to breathe through their mouth while perfoming a Bj. Lack of oxygen sends your gag reflex into a frenzy.

Using ice before Bj is a natural way to numb the throat and also gives him icy sensation. The longer you keep ice in your mouth , the more numb your throat will be and the less you will feel your gag reflex.

Chewing on gum before a Bj exercises your jaws and helps you salivary glands produce saliva for lubrication. Chewing on different flavors i.e. cinnamon, mint and spearmint and then sucking on cock will give him a warming and tingling effect.

Do not think about gagging , sex is about the psychology as much as its physical.

PrAcTiCe MaKeS PeRfEcT,PrAcTiCe MaKeS FuN.

Graphic Tee + Ripped Jeans 


graphic tee || ripped jeans(similar here)  || necklace(similar here)

cardigan(similar here) || lipstick

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you guys are having a great week. I’ve been obsessing over graphic tees lately and ripped jeans. I finally found a pair I loved from American Eagle and bought them a couple of weeks ago on sale for only $16.00!  Their clearance jeans are an extra 60% off! I did something a little different and pinned up my curls while they cooled which gave them more volume and bounce. The lip color is beautiful and a Kylie Jenner inspired lip “1995”. My booties are unfortunately sold out at the moment.

hope you guys enjoy!


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Nail polish addict ❤


We’re all guilty of having an addiction to one product in particular, be it lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters but mine is nail polishes, I can’t help it I look at all the amazing displays in store and that’s it, I need them all 😍

I found this quiz on another blog and decided it was perfect for mine.

How many nail polishes do you own??

Roughly 130 colours, well until I go into town later 😉 and about 10 base/top coats.

When did your addiction start??

Just before Christmas it really hit, I had around 60 but most were getting all gloopy so I started to replace my favourite ones then I saw more colours i needed and the rest is history 😉

How much do you spend on nail polish ??
Too much lol, I love a bargain so if somethings on offer I’ll pick it up, I’ve probably spent…

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too faced chocolate bar

Aileen's life

Hey lovely people out there,

first of all thank you for everyone who came by yesterday and left a comment or a like or even followed my blog. I still got lots to do on here to make it the way I want to, but thats okay. Today I want to show you another palette which I got a few days ago, because I was finally able to go to Sephora. I promise you guys that I won’t only show palettes, I will also post some outfits, make up looks, some places I’ve been and food, because who doesn’t love food? And who doesn’t love a makeup palette that looks and smells like chocolate? When I first opened the palette I could not stop smelling on the eyeshadows because they do smell exactly like chocolate and it smells like heaven. I love that the eyeshadows were made with real cocoa…

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