I love sex ,To me it’s always the act you get to share who you are in a single act of nature , so natural that the bounds of pleasures you feel, you experience, shock you, surprise you , numb you even make you afraid. Afraid that this single act of nature simple as mating, and complex as making love will make you forget, remember that you are a deeper you are a better person than the person you see in the mirror.


What to know when having sex?

  1. During sex there is union between the flesh and spirit.
  2. Bliss, carefreeness and playfulness are the essence of sex.
  3. To have great sexual experiences, get rid of expectation.
  4. Sex becomes a problem when it gets mixed with hidden emotions i.e. shame , guilt, anger.

When it comes to sexuality, the awareness, actions are up to you. Leave guilt behind .Turn to self examination, and then action to change that which is unproductive for you and your fellow humans. Seek out counseling if needed.


  1. Sex is a means of escaping our little self or egos. It is many people only experience of meditation. Sexual energy is sacred energy. It takes works to see clearly that you need physical senses to be a spiritual person and spiritual acceptance to be profoundly sensual and sexual.
  2. Sex is personal. Meaningful sex has to be value based , values are personal. Each situation that has sexual energy involves a human being and their energy values. Values makeup our spirituality without them we’re bankrupt.


Sexual experience is joyful if lovers share the same values.



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