The Fashion Traps

For those who are head over heels about fashion, you may have stumbled across a fashion trend which you may have thought was a joke. It is likely that you just went with it when an actual fact it was just a fashion trap. Time to time, we may have seen a new collection and needed to slip a pair of rose tinted glasses because you just could not understand why someone would have created such monstrous pieces. Being the gatekeepers of fashion, top designers and stylists can pretty much get away with anything, right? If something looks unpractical, they can justify their looks with connotations to art or a deep philosophy. Just look up “Marc Jacobs shrink wrap” on google for example.

Here are the top 5 emerging fashion trends not to slip into:

#1 Platforms
When making mistakes, humans are creatures that never seem to learn from them. Case in point, the platform shoe. A trend which makes an appearance approximately every 20 years, has everyone breathing a sigh of relief when it departs. Despite vowing to never wear another hideous pair again, us humans only have a 20 year memory span which may be the reason why every fashion conscious person has been eyeing up a pair of high rise shoes. A tip I would suggest is to purchase a pair this season and keep them for 20 years. When the next platform wave hits, sell them on e-bay claiming them as vintage and make a mint. With wedge heels standing the test of recent times, stick to them as they prove more elegant than the chunky platform.

#2 Patterned Pants
There is nothing wrong with patterned pants, with tops commonly upstaging the garment leaving it seen in safe colours and patterns. Why not experiment with them a little bit and make them stand out for a change? As it is a bold statement, it can be a hard look to pull off which is why I believe many should avoid this trend. From observing street and cat walks I can only see them as pajama bottoms, which makes me question whether pants were ever destined to stand out, with every attempt in doing so causing people to forever look back in shame.

#3 Crop Top
Being a child during the nineties (this is showing my age), I am sceptical of any trends from the nineties that are coming back into fashion, (as seen by the platform shoe). The crop top is another trend, last seen in the nineties that should not be supported. Unfortunately I cannot give you a convincing justification as to why the crop top should be given the chop apart from that I don’t think that it looks nice. Call me a prude but I am just not comfortable seeing people’s midriff’s let alone showing mine in public. Although this time, the crop top has been put together with high waisted pant which avoids showing off your old belly button piercing. Nevertheless it still has me predicting that it will become a fashion crime in the next few seasons.

#4 Wide Leg
I am having second doubts about the popularity of the wide leg. Although skin tight jeans have had their day, the wide leg pant remind me of another nineties comeback which makes me want to shut my eyes. Although the pants are fantastic for pear or hour glassed bodies, I am visualising the development of this style to become exaggerated and turn into 70s flares which lets face it, were terrible in the rain and would absorb water all the way to your knee.

#5 Double Denim
This one has be scratching my head as this was always a universal fashion no-no. This will no doubt be the trend to absolutely stay away from this season, hands down. See this as a warning to stop you from clothing regret. I have always been told that this should never carried out and unless it is fashion gate-keepers playing tricks on us, I cannot understand why celebrities have been smiling gracefully for magazine publications in their double even triple denim glory. It just baffles me.

Moral of this article is that despite your love for fashion, try to not fall for every trend that comes along. If a new style trend arrives, add a bit of your personal critique to see if it really matches your style before believing in the hype.

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