GiRl Gone RoGuE : aWkwaRd FaShion.

Dear sister nice

Everything has  its beauty , but not everyone see it.

In the world i get up to , anything and everything goes ,basically there is nothing new under the sun and that makes everything recyclable.Through daily endeavors i have concluded that in doing what makes me happy however undesirable and repugnant to people , is worth doing because for every mistake will come my great invention.

Limits exist only in the mind.

The journey of life’s roughness is worth to me every second , every penny ,every moment for every mistake i make to me is the path to being close to that which i value most.Whenever i fulfill the doing of awesomeness ( that which favors my rouguness to the fullest) the lesson one learns out of trying over and over again increases my closeness to my Eureka moment. Even the wise insist a life spent making mistakes is worth more than that spent doing Nada.

Keep on, keeping on.

All around my world i see everyday all kinds of clothes ,fashion, and unfashionable. What one sees is worth a lot of amusement, compliments , turn offs and the need to look better.
I insist on having the positive outcome because we all have dressed or seen people in awkward fashion.I minced it awkward due to the fact that putting together an outfit may put one in awkward fashion or in style.

Sister nice what am gushing to say is that the process to having style passes one through odds and ends of awkward fashion. To go through awkward fashion is something i am encouraging you to do , dress in that which makes you happy that which you want , because in your experience you learn what makes your style look hot. Examples are designers , Oscar delarentes, John Varvatos, John kaveke , anglesmile ask them they all at a time went through clumsiness to find their niche and made a brand out of .

Faith , hope and trust.

Its official that when you dress up in that outfit learn that which makes you go nay or yay.Its the assignment that grants you the insight to deepening the understanding of yourself , then you will become a you, a better you , a you to the perfectionist.My calling to rogueness is one i like to adhere to , as you have fun in the awkward fashion remember Coco Chanel words ‘ fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are.








  1. oldworldcharmvintage · August 18, 2012

    Beautiful post xo


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