Girl Gone Rogue

Dear sister nice,

I would love to describe myself to the world , but i love evincing , to me it makes  create my style as an expression of my unique charisma and to the very best present my perfectionist to beyond the limits.

Am not perfect but am me to perfection.


I am a Neon Induced Creative  Epidemic that for a while have been harboring a disease i want to infiltrate the human race . Its quite simple yet lethargic i am a girl gone rogue.

My incessant use of the word girl is miraculously due to the fact that i keep my female close and pride in having her remind me of what my maker so forth took time to create. Being recognized as a girl is a term that can be offensive , but i embrace it as my female attache that flourishes in those things that keeps true to perfecting me.

Rogue depicts a man dishonest and criminal like, my rogueness is in element to behaving differently from my kind and causing some DAMAGE while in performance.Its the platform to my explosive side being able to advertise its existence , and by me choosing the  power pen means its causing havoc .ie

R- Resistance

O- Originating

G- Geographically


U- Unique

E- Euphemism

I choose to deepen the length of my words for i dont want you to understand , i need you as my partner, to be with me in this times of disaster , tsunamis and God knows what. Most people write to let there problems out to seek solutions , i dear sister nice am divulging for you to join in the ” problem”, come and lets divvy in the fun.

They say don’t introduce something as a problem unless you intend to have its solution found. Keeping true to they i present my solution you.

I will keep professing the power of the pen to you , till you most graciously accept my proposal and put a ring on it. My patience will not expire because with being a sister nice am inspired to keep being a Girl




With rogueness


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