With Pride

In my days as an african woman i have come to cherish the liberty at which one gets there confidence. A rare thing it is to see a woman so confident, strong not intimidating . As i walk in the busy Nairobi  streets i amaze at the beauty in the african woman  , and as a staunch sister nice encode more on how they can acquire confidence.

While growing up and going through awkward teenage moments  i used to cower at the thought of myself walking proudly with my head held high , looking elegant and receiving pleasantries . Being a teenager is confusing and transforming experience that preceeds maturity , it was during that time that i learned an important lesson. My mum loves it when one is proud and rocking beautifully what one has and on that day she said “tembea kwa maringo” walk with pride.

Pride is the feeling of satisfaction when you possess something good , something great.To be with pride is to be with a good health, you have to take care that it is just for the good of the body . A woman having pride is gorgeous , that one can in their nature be themselves and feel good about it. What i drive to say is from  good pride comes great confidence , and from great creates a greater you.

Every woman has that look , that outfit that smothers her curves and beholds her beauty , take that look own it , be comfortable , satisfied , be of pride and walk with confidence. Its a true path of which one must brave to walk to feel and be in touch with our true selves .



  1. Keli · August 10, 2012

    Aaaaah the african woman an oracle of untold mysteries and beholding imagery,leaving a lot to the imagination of all who cross her path.Appreciating the queens of the souls of men.Indeed every woman is a jewel in her own way.You are a treasure to be kept for a life time.


    • ZOEYNIKKI · August 10, 2012

      the african woman is the one person ur never wrong about because she isnt afraid to show what she offers.


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