Color harmony are balanced relationships between the varying colors.

The basis of color harmonies lies in the fact that when the eye perceive a color, one feels the need to see other colors.

There are two types of color combinations which give pleasing results:schemes of closely related hues( monochromatic) and analogous color schemes and those of widely contrasting hues i.e contrasting color schemes.


Schemes consisting of various degrees of chroma of one hue.

Using the monochromatic scheme in a dress is safe and not particularly interesting, and to make it interesting one has to consider the following

1.The vary in the texture of the materials as well as value and chroma of the color.i.e in an outfit consisting of a skirt and blouse of a red hue the skirt can be of cotton texture and  burgundy color while the blouse satin texture and araby pink color.

2.Combining color , usually one strong in chroma with values of gray. Gray are neutral colors which contain no chroma i.e beige, black, browns, gray and white.i.e  outfit consisting of a skirt and blouse , the skirt eggplant purple and the skirt grey , simple and elegant.


Analogous color schemes consist if colors which are adjacent to each other in the hue circle.The number of possible colors to be used together in an analogous scheme is 2-5.All five may be used but the more hues used the more chance of having a confused mass of color.i.e various colors i.e purple red, red purple, green yellow,blue green.

In an ensemble analogous color schemes include in a dress green and brown with an accent of red orange, or, dark purple and fuchsia.


Contrasting color schemes include

1.Complimentary – any pairs of colors which occur opposite each other in the color circle.A small area of brilliant color of the pair balances a large area of the complimentary.

An example of an ensemble is wearing is an off  white outfit and accessorizing with dark blue.

With an insight on color harmonies one is armed with the necessary color schemes  to make ensembles of any look . Good luck to you  sister nice.

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