My beautiful wonderful wardrobe that is so full of clothes different pieces picked by my eye that goes with I like , and some forced to like(trends).Image

Am oogling at all those clothes i want to wear , the sizzling hot lace dress, the short booty shorts that round my ass to  T.

I smile then frown.I cant wear them i care what people will think about me. I want people to see a sister nice, certified to the highest badge .I mean look at me, in this beautiful clothes

I can match them how i like,

I can color clash them how i like, and best of all i still like how i look.Am a sister nice, everything is nice,nice,nice.

The only thing thatn i ask of clothes is that they make  me love myself.Loving myself gives me confidence and self respect. What more should i ask of them.

My mind is flying with these wonderful feeling of freedom that as long as i like my look anything and everything is null and void.Am loosing my mind ,to fashion my fashion where only i says its so.

‘Hey, hallo what are you wearing today?”


“Have you found what you are wearing today”

‘No!!!! Mr wardrobe you just hit me out of my lost mind ,my fantasia back to looking at your frame.

Thanks but no thanks.

Back to finding clothes that match up before i loose my mind unsuccessfully trying to look nice.

One comment

  1. ZOEYNIKKI · April 19, 2012

    you are what you choose to wear


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