Its not everyday that one gets to meet and talk to the person you are going to beat. Your role model, the one person who you inspire to be more than who they are and what they have. When my editor choose me to go to the Newyork fashion week I nearly hugged her. I didn’t. She believes a hug shows just how you aren’t in control of your emotions,I wasn’t . I was going to be attending one of the biggest fashion weeks ,meet the fashion sharks , be in the centre of the fashion world.

Nina Garcia Editor at large Elle magazine is the person i want to beat. Since an early age Nina loved fashion , her eye for fashion was greatly due to her mother a freelance fashion journalist. She taught her the scales of fashion why one little black dress was expensive than the other why determination in fashion didn’t add up to being famous and that only by being versatile would one make it in the world of fashion .She took it to heart, graduated with a fashion retail degree and communications   then went ahead to start climbing the steep ladder of fashion world.

Fashion is as unreliable as a woman. Fashion will abandon you at least four times in year. Like a woman it will get extremely cold, then really hot. It will blossom with you in the spring and finally shed of in the spring. It’s constantly in motion and directly proportional to change”. Nina says. My work is to make sure that every time fashion changes it maintains the reliability of people working with it, and  Newyork fashion week is the platform for the fashion world to showcase and see what and how to adapt.

It’s always the same themes in fashion weeks but different designs and results. Fashion is as old as time, people have been dressing since way back and it lives for those that are able to enhance and modernise it to present times. Nothings new just fitted. “My pants are of 1980s burgundy fit to today’s skinny jeans, long sleeved frill pink blouse, 1970s waist coat fit with leather trimmings and the 1980s maroon platform shoes fit with chains”. Everything spectacularly fashionable yet has always been there. That’s the beauty in fashion world.

Many people see fashion as an industry that is dull and unmoving, the truth is its them who are dull and unmoving. In the world of fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out. You have be consistent to keep yourself on your feet, stay ahead and always progress forward.

Fashion is a trade for the creative and cunning find your creativity dive in the sea, come swim with  us the sharks.”Its impressive to know all this things  about something and even more admirable to be respected for it’s tell her. She smiles the kind that challenges yet content. We turn our heads to the runway in front of us ,avant garde , haute coutures designs  for all to see and want but for us to learn and keep them upfront.

I look at Nina she is here by her own doing and sacrifices so am i , difference ,am taking  baby steps, she,  striding the adult steps. ‘I will beat you’ that what I write at the top of my notebook , for me to do that I need to learn everything there is to fashion and abide that there is nothing new in fashion except what is forgotten.***

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