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A fashion vampire is a legendary sister nice who sucks fashion for a living . Fashion vampires have sucked fashion and with every bite got stronger and better everyday. They are legendary because to suck fashion you not only need a pair of sharp fangs ( believe) but the hunger to suck (determination). Fashion can never be killed its the tree of life for the vampires , old as time and lasting as life.

How to be a fashion vampire

1.Grow your fangs to be sharp your belief creates faith in what you are doing.

2. Be hungry to suck. A hungry sister nice is an angry sister nice and anger is a good motivator it fuels you to do things with all your energy.

3. Fashion is your living which means you can never be satisfied greed or no greed.


4.Believe that everyday your become a wiser and stronger fashion vampire.


5. Trust your judgement but a wise fashion vampire researches to have an analytical view( a view that has a basis in fashion style).