1. People will always critic your dressing, what matters is whether you are self mocking or self admiring. Self mocking undermining your capability to look nice. Self admiring believing that you stand the chance to look like a sister nice.


  1. Adversity in fashion is the situation where one faces difficulty to make fashion choices that will make them look nice.At this time one gets to be hand shaked by thyself and learns ones fashion strongholds and never comings.

adversity introduces one to ur true fashion sense


  1. Protect, give you confidence , assure you, that’s fashion as a true friend. Takes a lot of hustle to be accepted as a true fashion friend , the disappointments , self loath , unconfidence ,then, fashion embraces you punches you to confidence , blows assurance , makes you a sister nice to behold.


  1. Clothes tell a lot about the life one lives. The attitude one makes for life –ve or +ve . Adapt the +ve attitudes , let it refresh open your mind , give you insight on clothes that will flatter your body and speak volumes aboutyou.



  1. Generali Njogu · March 10, 2012

    kul.. get it to the best… why do you love your lips?


    • ZOEYNIKKI · April 17, 2012

      lips are my sensual part they are on the outside but tell alot of the inside


  2. ZOEYNIKKI · April 22, 2012

    its fashion this , fashion that but is it your fashion.


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