I don’t have one?


Everyone is his or her own mentor

I mean we all get to hear and see things but what we take

of them is ours  and how they impact our lives.That means

for everything that we do in this life , we are accountable for

what we do with it but not where it comes from.


Mentor- someone who gives you help and advice especially

work related or life.

First they should be someone you admire and hold highly ,lift you up and willing to share their experience.

“The relationship between you and your mentor has to be

passionate ,mutual and loving ” says my friend.She’s dressed

in a cathay cotton sundress drawing and loosing.I can’t get

enough of the fact that she’s wearing this pretty dress so

effortlessly that all she needs for her to look good in anything is anything.

Out there most of us gallantly

try to look nice in everything until the hard fact that only

certain thing fit us hit.

Some sink desparately so lost they defy their own looks ,others float trying to grip to our looks ,and

the best . . . . . . float like a single leaf smoothly and slowly.

“Am lost”

No you are not .

What you are looking for is in front of you.

Search and you will find , just a little patience and faith will

get your eyes open and see your treasures.

They say the more lost you are the closer you are to being found.

She asks ” Who’s your mentor”




“Fashion” I say.

She smiles ,she has been for the last ten minutes. She is a

pretty fashion mannequin.


The fashion of all that is being in lateral to my life and the world at large more so to the simplicity that ordain to leave me inclined to cherish the very curve of my smile.

Fashion as am learning is the exquisite change in me that happens boundless of doing or undoing and the choice to make a statement is chained to me do i fashion the best there is or drown in all i am.

Do not be confused its a world of wondrous taste , refined, naive, prude there is right and wrong though and keeping ye self balanced of the two and remembering the unique sparkle in your soul burns forth of a powerful fashion a fashion that yonder s to replenish your soul each time you draw a breathe.

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