Do you remember being a teenager? I’m in my early 50s, so I was a teen during the very cool, at least we thought it was, 1970s. Turns out it was quite boring on the eastern end of Long Island. Me and my best friend, Debby snuck cigarettes, beer once in a while and if we wanted to get high, […]

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Dear Sh*tty Wives, — June Grace

Here’s sh*t I see wives do in their marriages that needs to stop: If you constantly berate your husband, find it a chore to have sex with him, and cause fights to get attention, then this advice is for you. Click over to to read more…. Dear Sh*tty Wives: This Is Your Wake Up […]

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Hello, It’s Me

Who else would you look forward to being having a mindful unusual conversation, who else than me welcomes you to vouch any question, sentence path of wisdom to entertain the randomness of all.

Its I Zoey Nikki , my joy being to uncover the particular sad realities of this wonderful life, to let us see that in effect my attitude tops all my eyes and my ears hear, my heart speaks the truth that i am who i am, guess we shall all find out.